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  • Created relationships with 25 top university engineering programs to increased highly qualified applicants for our Young Scholar award by over 150%.
  • Increased website traffic by 40% year over year.
  • Built blog based on audience input, increasing visits by 20% year over year.
  • Developed global editorial board to provide expert perspectives for the blog.


The Marconi Society is a foundation providing awards and programs to support scientific achievements in the Internet and communications that significantly benefit mankind.

Impactful leads the Society’s marketing and communications, focused on building awareness of the Society, its awards, social impact programs (see below) and fundraising.   

Impactful created the Society's overall marketing and fundraising strategy and manages the Marconi Society and Marconi Young Scholars web sites and all content including the Society's blog, newsletter, videos and e-mail campaigns. 

    When Paula joined our team at the Marconi Society, the results were felt immediately. Her energetic, strategic approach to social media and to enhancing our overall online presence has resulted in dramatic gains in visibility and engagement. She is highly creative and an excellent writer, but her greatest skill may be her ability to plan initiatives carefully and strategically, ensuring that they have the best chance of success. She has been a delight.
    — Hatti Hamlin, Executive Director

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    • Developed and tested key messages and proof points for each of Good World Solutions’ audiences - workers in developing countries, factory management and corporate social responsibility leaders at major brands.
    • Created messaging guide to help employees infuse key messages into all aspects of their communications.


    Good World Solutions is a social enterprise that gives voice to factory workers through mobile technology that lets brands keep a pulse on workers’ needs, interests and issues. 

    Impactful developed messages and value propositions to help Good World Solutions tell a compelling story to key markets and differentiate their service in a competitive space.

    Paula interviewed our key stakeholders and business partners to surface new insights that informed the development of a concise and targeted messaging framework. Our whole team uses the key messages to inform everything from web and newsletter communication to 1:1 interactions with partners. This has enabled clear and consistent communication across our team for a better client experience and, ultimately, greater impact to workers.
    — Heather Franzese, Executive Director


    • Articulated OpenOakland's mission, vision and values based on ideation sessions with key stakeholders. 
    • Developed, tested and refined messaging with input from a cross-section of the membership.
    • Copy wrote headlines and calls to action for posters and other promotional materials.


    OpenOakland is a nonprofit civic innovation organization that improves the lives of Oaklanders through techonology-powered solutions.

    Impactful worked with OpenOakland to develop compelling messages to accurately describe the organization’s purpose, increase engagement and expand participants to include Oakland community without technical backgrounds.

    I had the pleasure of working with Paula on a project to create a powerful and coherent messaging strategy and plan for OpenOakand, the Code for America brigade in the East Bay. Paula’s work on the project was characterized by enlightened creativity combined with an unusual level of intellectual clarity and impressive skills in managing an extremely diverse assortment of individuals to achieve desired outcomes. But perhaps more important than any of that, working with Paula was just plain fun, and anyone with the opportunity to do so must consider him or her self lucky!
    — Tony Barreca, Co-Director, Development


    • Developed messaging, approved by both Board of Directors and Merchants, to be used across all communications.
    • Creating visual image to be used by the Market and in co-branding by merchants.
    • Overseeing design and implementation of a new website created to tell the Market’s compelling message.


    The San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market is a social enterprise that connects the food communities of the Bay Area. 

    Impactful leads marketing strategy and execution for the Market, aimed at building engagement, awareness of the market and demand among commercial produce buyers. 

    Paula has brought a unique combination of strategic thinking and strong implementation to our marketing and communications work.  She collaborated with diverse audiences, including staff, the marketing team, the merchants and the Board to create compelling stories about our brand that showcase our true value and differentiate us from the competition.  The marketing work she is leading is a critical part of delivering on our long-term strategic plan.
    — Michael Janis, General Manager



    • Created messaging for a successful crowdfunding and community-building campaign that raised $40K from over 600 backers.
    • Wrote e-mails and communications for friends of The Town Kitchen to use in order to solicit donations.
    • Developed a press release, pitch e-mail and media speaking points / FAQs to assist The Town Kitchen leadership in press interviews.  The successful campaign received local foodie coverage including East Bay Express, The Street, Cause Artist and established relationships with press for additional future coverage.


    The Town Kitchen is a social enterprise providing job skills and development to at-risk youth in Oakland by offering lunches for corporations and events.  These lunches are planned, packed and delivered by Oakland youth. 

    Impactful assisted The Town Kitchen with a successful fundraising campaign whose goal was to raise $40K to lease commercial kitchen space and to hire the organization’s initial youth cohort.

      Paula learned our business quickly and immediately created a press release, outreach strategy and content that helped us complete our successful crowdfunding campaign.
      — - Sabrina Mutukisna, Founder and CEO