Reimagine Your website

Has your organization moved light years beyond your website?  Do you need a new way to showcase your unique value and the reasons why audiences should join, buy, donate or engage?

Whether your site needs to be freshened up or reimagined from head to toe, Impactful creates a tailored  website strategy and content for your organization and brings in additional resources, as needed, to design and develop the perfect site.

Deliverables include:

·      Website objectives and strategy, tied back to organizational goals and objectives

·      Site structure and organization

·      Compelling, audience-tested messaging

·      Content for all pages


deliver engaging content

Does your organization struggle to create consistently high quality, on-message content that reaches your audiences?  Do you have a hundred stories to tell, but no content marketing machine to get them out?

Unique and differentiated content is at the heart of the relationships that you need to fulfill your mission.  Impactful creates a data-driven content strategy and content development plan to ensure that your stories are consistently in front of the people you need to engage with.

Deliverables include:

·      Data-driven assessment of the types of content that key audiences want

·      Content objectives and strategy, tied back to audience objectives

·      Content development plan for key asset types (e.g. blogs, newsletters, impact reports, video, etc)

·      Content calendar and creating and / or managing new content


expand your marketing team

Do you need to augment your team with experienced marketing and communications talent that can get up to speed quickly and help with everything from strategy to tactics?  Whether a key team member is on leave or you need on-going expertise in demand generation and communications, results-driven resources are here to help.


Header Image Credit: CGTN Africa