Hi There!  I'm Paula Reinman.

My mission is to help you deliver on yours.  It’s to join you in making the world a better place by using technology for good.

For years, I lived a double life – leading marketing and communications teams for tech companies by day and moonlighting with social impact organizations by night. 

Working in tech fueled my endless curiosity about new and better ways to solve problems at scale.  My time with nonprofits and advocacy organizations nourished my soul and let me pursue my passion of creating a world where every person has the resources and freedom to flourish.

After some deep soul searching, I decided to focus exclusively on mission-driven work.

Now I help clients build brands for good, using my unique mix of social impact mission, large company fundamentals and startup agility.

My sweet spot is working with for-profit and nonprofit social enterprises, many of whom use technology for good.  From Good World Solutions to Callisto to The SF Market, I create market-based insights and positioning that drive compelling stories and content.

My brand promise to you is that I will:

  • Bring order to chaos. Whether you operate in a complex global environment, have complicated messages and stories to get across or just live in a world that is changing by the minute, I will get my head around your organization and help you move forward quickly.

  • Excel at both strategy and tactics.  When you’re moving fast and taking on big goals, you need someone who can think strategically and then do the work.  I excel at – and enjoy – both ends of the spectrum.

  • Think big, start small and move fast.  Even though you may be growing into your vision, I will always keep that future in mind when I design messaging, stories and programs so that we can get into the market and iterate as we go.

I look forward to learning about your mission, your challenges and how I can help you.



Impactful is based on my personal philosophy and values:



Using a "Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast" approach, I work with clients to vision success and quickly start testing ways to move forward.


By providing insights into what success means for each client, I help set aspirational and realistic goals, measure progress and adjust as needed. 


I contribute unique insights and a talent for drawing ideas from diverse stakeholders, leading to innovative and inclusive deliverables.


I propose and take on work that I know is in my sweet spot.  I bring my full experience and engagement to each client.  


My extensive marketing and communications experience is hightlighted on my Linkedin Profile.