Hi There!  I'm Paula Reinman.

I advise executives at social impact organizations on marketing and communications strategies to grow their brands and fulfill their missions.  I create and implement programs that tell client stories and inspire audiences to act locally, nationally and globally.

Focused on social enterprises, foundations and non-profits that are leveraging technology to solve critical social issues, I combine my passion and experience in social impact with my deep technology marketing expertise serving organizations of all sizes. 

My happy place is building successful marketing and communications programs in dynamic and rapidly changing environments.  

I believe in transparent marketing organizations that are strongly aligned with overall results and focus on meeting the metrics that drive success.

Highlights from my social impact and private sector experience include:

  • Creating and implementing the first-ever marketing strategy for The Marconi Society, increasing website traffic by over 50% and establishing strong engagement with growing social media audiences.


  • Developing messages and value propositions to help Good World Solutions tell a compelling story and differentiate their services in a competitive market, enabling a better client experience and greater impact to workers.


  • Designing business-aligned marketing strategies that positioned Bersin & Associates as the world leader in human capital research, building the organization into a thought leader in traditional and social media and driving 20%/year revenue growth.


  • Leading Microsoft’s global marketing and communications for TV services, building both service provider and consumer sides of the market by launching next-generation TV services in 20 markets globally.


Impactful is based on my personal philosophy and values:



Using a "Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast" approach, I work with clients to vision success and quickly start testing ways to move forward.


By providing insights into what success means for each client, I help set aspirational and realistic goals, measure progress and adjust work as needed. 


I contribute unexpected insights and a talent for drawing ideas from diverse stakeholders, leading to innovative and inclusive deliverables.


I propose and take on work that I know is in my sweet spot.  I bring my full experience and engagement to each client.  


My extensive private sector marketing and communications experience is hightlighted on my Linkedin Profile.